Why should you start your own business?

If you are thinking of running your own business, here 7 points on why you should take the leap and become an entrepreneur

IMG_52011. Decide on your work/life balance

To run your own business is to run to your own schedule and upon your own steam.

Want to finish work an hour early? There is no boss to say otherwise!

Want to jet off somewhere exotic at a moment’s notice? You are in charge of your own holiday allowance!

It is for you to decide when and how you work.

2. Create jobs

It is a fantastic feeling to choose your own team and to provide them with opportunities. Finding the potential in others is one of the best things about management. Your ideas and entrepreneurial spirit will provide jobs for hard-workers who want to provide for their families and their future.

3. Be an Expert

Owning a franchise recruitment business in a specific industry sector will enable you to be perceived as an expert and trusted advisor in your very own area and beyond – in using your acquired industry expertise you will find, build and place talent – moreover, you will enhance your skills, therefore are able to stimulate your studious brain and obtain job variety – new developments in recruiting and daily challenges will create the work life and challenges you want!

4. Enjoy Variety in your work

As the business is yours, you will have a say in everything; from marketing, to accounting, to design and research. Not only do you get to experience your business inside out, but you get to tailor it to your desires.

5. See results: exactly as you pictured them

It is all very well seeing the finished project when you are working for someone else, but nothing beats witnessing the results of something made exactly to your specifications. You built something yourself, for yourself.

6. Job Security

No matter how valued or secure you feel in your 9-5 job, there is always the risk of losing it. Although running your own business comes with risks as well as monumental rewards, you will never have to worry about being made redundant!

7. Networking

Entrepreneurs are buzzing hives of motivation and experience. You will meet fascinating people when embarking on your own venture who will inspire you, introduce you to new methodology and possibly offer new opportunities.

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