Why do people succeed, struggle or even fail when going into their own businesses?

An invitation to attend a FREE online Recruitment Entrepreneur Workshop with a world leader in this area, Doug Bugie.

AVOID costly mistakes – find out the truth about the positives & negatives of self employment. Get your questions answered… This will include an open and candid question and answer session.

Friday 29 May at 1pm UK Time

To join the call, please register your interest by Wednesday 27 May by writing to franchise@antal.com, you will then receive all contact details in time for the call.

We stress this is not a ‘commercial’ for Antal International, it is a general session about whether going into your own business is really the right thing for you to do.

Doug Bugie has over a 31 year of experience having led to over 800 start-up businesses in more than 40 countries, generating several hundreds of millions Euros, Dollars and Pounds in revenue. We would recommend that you start by putting his name on Google ‘Doug Bugie’. You will discover that he is connected to the successful English Entrepreneur James Caan. Together, they have built and sold the first ‘big deal’ in James Caan’s storied career. In fact, a book has been written on the subject.

After working globally for 3 successive Fortune 500’s, Doug began his recruitment career in the USA as Marketing Director for Management Recruiters Intl (MRI) where he sold 400+ franchises… In London, Doug and James Caan started an executive recruitment franchise, Humana International Group PLC. Over 8 years, the business grew to 200+ offices in 27 countries and a $90m+ annual fee income. They sold it to a fortune 500, New York Stock Exchange traded company, becoming part of the American giant in franchised recruitment, MRI.

100,000 + people were placed in jobs through businesses where Doug has held a leadership role. Doug remains a committed supporter and sought after speaker in the global recruitment industry.

The lessons he has learned and can clearly convey to you are universal, no matter what self-employment opportunity, franchised or not, you are considering.

Doug says: “Over the years I have set many people up in the international recruitment business and helped them build a profitable business with solid capital value. It gives me great personal satisfaction to help people realize their dreams of success for themselves and their families.”

You will be able to submit questions during the time on the call with Doug.

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