Motivation is……

Keep Motivated

Is it really possible to motivate someone?

Or, does motivation come from within? 

What is motivation?

Motivation is described as the reason people carry out certain actions, the desire to do things.

Motivation shapes our behaviour and how we perform tasks. There are 2 classifications.  Intrinsic motivation which comes from within a person. Extrinsic motivation, where a person could be inspired by a particular event or person.

Why is it important?

Every single business or high performing team needs to be aware of the importance of motivation.  Management need to take time to understand the main factors which drive their staff. No one person will be the same. The mainstream perspective is that motivation is accomplished through rewards and incentives.  This view is supported by the Maslow Hierarchy of Needs framework (1943).

It is not as clear cut as that though, not everything fits into a predefined box.  Whilst researching this topic, it was clear the essence of motivation is still cloaked in mystery. However, one point was apparent. Social media posts which promote positive motivation gain far more engagement. Why is this? People seem keen to find the trigger to maintaining their own motivation. They want to keep their drive levels steady and not lose momentum before achieving the end goal.

Interestingly, Susan Fowler, a leading author argues that you can’t motivate people…. this is a skill they need to acquire themselves. Do you agree?  

In her best-selling book, “Why Motivating people does not work – And what does!” Susan challenges our thinking. She argues that everyone is already motivated to one degree or another. These motivational drivers are linked to the primary goals of an individual. With her practical tips, it is possible to adapt the work place to cultivate the best possible environment for quality motivation. This is definitely a book worth adding to the “Must read list”.

How does Motivation impact on you?

Are you looking for a positive work environment where you will naturally be motivated? Perhaps it is time for a change in direction. Our recruiters can assist you with this next step if you are motivated, poised and ready for a career move.

Alternative, if you are looking to recruit and struggling to find candidates who are highly motivated and engaged, contact us. Our teams of expert recruiters can ensure they align the expectations you may have of staff with those carefully selected.

What is your primary motivator?

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