Tony Goodwin, group chairman and CEO, Antal International unravels on layers of a recruitment franchise opportunity in a hard hitting article in the Recruiter magazine.

What’s a franchise business?

Tony opens with a definitively description of a franchise being akin to a business incubating programme, which, in exchange for an initial investment, Tony explains, an entrepreneur will receive a portfolio of training; support and guidance to help get them establish their own operation successfully. He emphasises the importance of the business mirroring that of the franchisor and so minimise the risks of starting a business.

What’s the cost?

In the article, Tony explains that an initial fee is paid toenter the franchise programme; this will vary depending on start-up location as some countries have more complex regulation and red tape. In addition to this, Tony details the ongoing ‘royalty’ payment on all the income generated through the business which is paid back to the franchisor.

In regards to further costs, Tony recommends that any entrepreneur expect to factor in other typical business set up costs such as office rental, telecom charges etc, these fall outside the typical franchise arrangement.

What’s the benefit?

As an advocate of franchising, Tony argues that the raft of benefits you should receive as an entrepreneur (franchisee) is considerable, not only guidance on the first business planning stage but have support through each stage on how to conduct the business. In addition, Tony says, as a Franchisee, you are granted a licence to trade under the brand of the Franchisor. Marketing support, recruitment training and IT support are “standard issue” with an Antal on boarding as is full access to the Company system via the intranet.

Antal International, Tony explains is unique in that we also offer our Network offices the possibly to plug into our business eco system to start sharing business and working together on regional or global procurement projects from day one.  Antal International has developed a system which clearly signposts and guides an investor on how to successfully lunch their own business, replicating the key steps to follow. Our franchise model has continually being developed over the last 14 years to the mature stage it is at today.

Want more information?

Investing into a franchise could be a life changing opportunity for you, you would be able to work from home or rent an office but you would chose the amount of hours you work, when and where to work which would give you more time with your family and friends.

Why not contact us today to find out more? We will provide you all the information you need to make an informed decision, every call or email is strictly confidential so why hesitate?

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