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This is the age of technology and responding to electronic communications is a drain on our time and energy.  It is no long just email; there is a constant demand from other communication platforms such as Whatsapp and social media, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Zing…. and the list is ever growing.

You can lose yourself in a flurry of emails to come out the other side of an hour drained and with an expanding to do list.  The only way to restore the balance and regain control over the hold technology is having is to pick up the phone.  The conscious decision to dial a number rather than respond to an email will tip this balance.  What do you do?

At Antal, we encourage consultants to talk and equally as important, listen to each other…… daily conference calls connect our offices together so they can share clients, best practice and also develop relationships. Calls between offices follow up on these clients to share yet more information.   The information we gather is used to find the best recruitment solution of our clients.  This is one of the secrets behind the success of Antal… it is not rocket science; we simply talk to each other.

As we talk, our Network strengthens and now through our communication channels we are able to connect clients with our best recruiters for projects from Zanzibar to Germany.  This is the true power of Antal….

The beauty of Antal is our business is open to people interested in being part of this unique organisation.  You can invest in opening your own Antal office through our franchise model and get plugged into our ecosystem of sharing.

If this is something which would be of interest to you please call us or connect with us via email, our website, social media, LinkedIn, Twitter, Face book, Google+, Zing and we will talk you through our solution and listen to your aspirations to learn how we can make this happen together


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