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The timing of a career change is very important; here are 3 points for you to keep in mind when making this highly important and deeply personal decision.

PLAN YOUR JOURNEY…. Review your goals – take time out of your busy day to reflect on exactly what it is you are not happy with in your current job, are these things likely to change or is it time for a move?  What is your end goal?  Having a clear goal in mind will help you develop a step by step action plan so you can achieve this.

MIND THE GAP…. Are you feeling conflicted at work – Is your moral compass out of alignment?  Do you go home after a hard day in the office with a deep seated feeling of unease?  This can happen if you see things in the work place which go against your personal and professional beliefs and any efforts to have this addressed have been ignored.  The gap between your values and those being applied in the work place could be too big so perhaps it is time to change jobs.

ALL CHANGE…. Whilst reflecting on your career, you may realise a shift in your priorities, we are often jolted to think about this at life milestones or when you are faced with a profound life changing event or the loss of someone dear.  Work / Life balance becomes a real factor as you look at just how many hours you are spending at work / commuting.  Our professional recruiters can listen and suggest roles which could be closer to home which allow you to claw back your precious time for yourself.

THIS TRAIN TERMINATES HERE…. do not hesitate to contact one our recruiters today to start planning your journey.  We will listen to your expectations and highlight any gaps to avoid.  Together, we can help you reach your chosen destination with minimal delay, stress and in comfort.

GiannisOur Managing Partner in Greece and Cyprus, Giannis Giannopoulos adds, “In today’s Corporate World, you need to constantly Reflect, Review and Prepare yourself about your career aspirations, and not only when you consider a career move. Everything changes so dramatically fast, that you need to be always updated and ready. Do build relationships with the experts in the Recruitment Industry; they are the ones who have the knowledge to advise you.

This is exactly what we are doing at Antal International, where our 140+ offices in more than 35 Countries worldwide, collaborate and share information, knowledge, and experience for the benefit of our colleagues, clients, and CANDIDATES – and we do this better than anyone in the world.”


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