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By January 17, 2017Franchising, news

We pride ourselves in being an International company trading and supporting our offices globally but how do we do this?

We currently have over 145 offices in 33 countries, Franchise Owners as well as Company Owned Antal Recruitment offices share countries, deals and clients which is highly beneficial for all parties involved as well as for the clients and candidates.

Sharing is in the DNA of the business. The policy Tony Goodwin has put into place when he created the franchise system is unique as few other recruitment companies are globally able to share business. In order to do so, one of the regular activities is weekly sector focused conference calls and also group training sessions and monthly newsletters that promote sharing.

Shanghai city network technologyA great example in 2017 of trading and sharing business has been already achieved between offices in France, India and China.

One of our franchise Owners in France, used his French contacts to arrange 10 meetings with senior French executives in the automotive industry in Shanghai. The Antal China office has been very happy to invite the Owner to China to attend these meetings with their various managers. These clients are all target clients in 2017 for the China office as well as the French office.

Secondly, thanks to the introduction of an Indian Owner, the Antal China office has now an opportunity to deal with a leading Chinese APP development company. The client is looking to set up a development centre in India and calls were arranged between the China office and the client’s China HR.

This is a good start to our trading and indeed sharing for 2017.

In terms of how we nurture and develop our offices, the global marketing and operational support teams help owners across every country with individually based information and material. We are in regular contact with the Franchise Owners, with continuously open lines of support across all platforms to enable us to be reactive to any queries.

Here some feedback from one of our offices in Paris, France:

“It has been a great year for us since we joined Antal, we achieved much more than we have forecasted. We attribute that to the strong Antal network, great reputation and our great colleagues. Your passion, encouragement, great support in marketing and internal coordination made it all possible. We feel lucky to be with this team, and we hope that for next year we can achieve even more success and have more franchisees in France. “

That says is all…. We are focused on continually improving and working closely with our Franchise Partners, strengthening the Antal brand day by day.

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