Role of a franchise Owner

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Our franchise owners choose an industry or professional area to specialise in, so they can maximise use of their previous experience and business acumen. This not only helps them to feel confident in our business, but also gives them credibility with their clients and candidates.

The primary objectives in your role as recruitment consultant will be to build relationships with clients at a very senior level, understanding more about their business and advising them on how to meet their business goals by hiring the right people.

In addition to this, you will be facilitating the career growth of candidates by coaching them and finding them the right opportunity for their career at the right time. When this is done well, you will build long term relationships where clients and candidates regularly rely on your advice. It is not unusual for our franchise owners to help their candidates through many career moves. At the same time they will often help their clients by filling many of their vacancies.

Antal International will show you how to use the combination of the Antal International brand & methodology and your professional experience to position yourself as an industry leader, where you are delivering  real, strategic value to both small to medium sized enterprises and multinational corporations..

The financial rewards in this industry can undoubtedly be high and so can the intellectual reward. Our franchise owners are regularly changing people’s lives by facilitating their career growth. They are also changing the fortunes of companies by helping them hire the best candidates for their business needs.