Recruitment Industry

franchise concept on blackboardNo matter what a company does, whether it is service, manufacturing or product based, having the right team in place is critical to its success, regardless of what is happening in the local economy or the wider global picture, it is essential they hire the best talent available to remain competitive and at the forefront of their market.

Today recruitment is a global business generating in excess of a estimated $500 billion per annum. It’s a truly global industry with Antal positioned to maximise of the opportunities created by cross border cooperation. The demand for talent still ranks as the highest priority in an increasingly competitive global market.


Clients are willing to pay fees because highly skilled talent at the mid to senior level is difficult to find as they are to operate in a ‘candidate driven’ market. Positions are open longer and hiring managers are frustrated at the negative impact this has on their business. Companies lack the time and specialist knowledge to find the right candidates and more crucially, the people they need are not necessarily looking for new opportunities.

Our franchisees make money by placing talented candidates into clients companies and charging a professional fee which can be anywhere between 20% and 33% (this can differ by country) of the candidate’s first year salary and remuneration package.

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The increasing pace of deregulation across Europe is a source of encouragement for the European and international recruitment industry. According to a recent report in the Financila Times, France opened its public sector to recruitment companies in 2009 and Spain lifted a ban in 2011 on recruitment companies placing permanent workers, while Germany, Belgium, Poland and other countries have introduced their own significant liberalising measures.

With much of production shifting towards the emerging countries, mainly because of cost advantages in such regions, the recruitment market is benefitting and will continue to do so in the coming years. Employment is closely correlated to the world GDP growth, increasing GDP and recovery from the recession will also drive the growth of the recruitment market.

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One of the biggest problems the economy faces is a rapidly growing ageing population worldwide and this expected decline in the total labour force, creates significant demand for high calibre candidates and in turn an ever increasing reliance on the use of recruitment consultants.