The Antal Passport is out now

We are delighted to be able to present you the first online and public version of the Antal Passport.

2013-W26-PassportThe Antal Passport was an initiative of Graeme Read, Antal International’s Group Managing Director to discuss industry, sector and regional development trends.

This first issue has been the joint effort of the editorial team: Ashleigh Fitzgerald, Sophia Benzina and Natasha Lane, managed by myself, Constanze Kastner as Chief Editor. Hiren Fatania was responsible for the graphics and design, Graeme Read was Main Editor and Head of our team. Owners and consultants also took the time to share their knowledge on different sectors.

We highlight trends that impact on the global organisations: Bring Your Own Device and the increasingly digital marketplace.

As our Antal Global Snapshot is being published, we are analysing some results and focus on three key markets: Latin America, Germany and India.

A topic that attracts more and more political attention in Europe is analysed, the progress of women in senior positions in companies. Meanwhile the Renewable and Green Energy sector faces a diminishing pool of talent. With less investment and a talent power play, we explore what is in store for the sector.

Discover many more topics in the online version of the new edition of the Antal Passport.

You can find this first edition on

Enjoy the reading!

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