The Antal Global Conference 2012

‘Growing for Gold’

Friday 23 and/or Saturday 24 November 2012

You will have your reasons for thinking about launching your own business. It could be because you want a flexible lifestyle, more time to spend with your family…or it could be that you want to make allot of money and have more control of your destiny.

You will no doubt have some criteria for deciding on the type of business you want to run and the people you want to run it with. In considering your options, you will likely be looking for: something you feel confident in, an environment where you feel supported, and an industry that’s vibrant and viable.

You may be looking at franchising, following the process, reviewing your business planning and industry research and this is certainly a great way to do your research…but wouldn’t it be great if you could ‘take the lid off’ the business model? Take a sneaky peak into what it really is all about? Chat openly to the management team and franchisees in a business and social setting to find out what it really takes to be an Antal franchisee? Network and build relationships with the people who you may one day be working on shared business assignments with?

It would be normal to want some reassurance and validation and a good way to get this is by meeting and talking to business professionals, like yourself, who have made such a decision and are achieving the goals and lifestyle they had aspired to.

We would like to offer you the unique opportunity to do just that, by inviting you to attend our annual global conference which runs from Friday 23 and Saturday 24 November 2011, and is set to be the best Antal Global Conference to date.

Our franchisees, delegates and clients will be joining us at our hotel venue at Heathrow from all over the world (China, South Africa, Dubai, India and Europe) to participate in our agenda which is packed with information about the global recruitment industry and how you can succeed in this exciting and highly rewarding industry locally and globally.

This once a year event is THE Networking Opportunity in the global recruitment calendar without comparison and will give you the best opportunity and insight to find out if the Antal recruitment franchise could be right for you.

Please contact us for your personal invitation.

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