“I have a great quality of life and I’m sure I have added a great deal of value to the life of my family.  I am my own boss but I love the fact that Antal are never far away and this helps me keep my feet on the ground.  I have a life plan which Antal is a fundamental part of now as I know I will realise my ambitions.” Lee Narraway, Franchise Owner, UK

“When I began my search for a new business opportunity in recruitment, I first of all wanted to choose a business that was established, had international presence and real time collaboration. I was blissfully unaware of franchising, however the thought of remaining my own boss and yet being part of a international business appealed to me instantly. Antal International Network was a good fit for me from the first time I met the international team in UK headquarters.You quickly get the feeling that all the associates in the global offices are truly interested in your success as a franchisee and business partner. They continue to provide me with the help and ideas to manoeuver in this challenging business climate. The business model, associated training, shared business and the recommended recruitment software simplify what could be an intimidating start up process.I am pleased, rather very pleased to be part of Antal International Network, I have found not only business partners but great new friends.” Joe Devasia, Franchise Owner, India.

gokAntal International Network coğrafik sınırları kaldırmış, global vizyonu lokal uygulamalara indirebilen güce, yöntemlere, ekibe ve kurumsal yetkinliğe sahip dunya devi ve gerçek bir uluslararası şirkettir. Antal’in Türkiye temsilcisi olarak, bu gücü her zaman yanımızda hissediyoruz. Daima sağlıklı büyümeyi öngören, bunun için operasyonel ve profesyonel desteği tüm ofislerine aynı kalite standartları ile ve koşulsuz olarak sunan boyle bir şirketin parçası olmak gurur verici. Antal olarak bize sektorumuzun en prestijli ve önemli ödüllerini getiren ise hizmet verdiğimiz her yerde tüm faaliyetlerimizi  daima kalitemizi artırma ve koruma felsefesi ile gerçekleştirmektir.”  Goknur Gezer, Franchise Owner, Turkey.

“I have been a franchise owner at Antal for 6 years and during that time have experienced and enjoyed the growth of the organisation. The franchise support team in London have given my office training, development, continued support and guidance throughout this time. They have listened openly to feedback and acted to the benefit of my business.”  Liz Dillon, Franchise Owner, UK.

313b015“I decided to go the franchise route as I felt it would give me the best chance to succeed. If I started on my own I had no real idea what to do or how to get going. Franchising helps to get you going, provides ongoing support and gives you a framework for your business. In the case of Antal, there is also the opportunity to share business and work with other offices across the globe.” Jim Foster, Franchise Owner, UK.

salvatores“Ho impiegato la vita a lavorare nel settore dell hospitality e del Catering, a ho dedicato molto del mio tempo a parlare con i recruiters, a questo punto ho deciso di impiegare la mia attivita’ nell acquisto di una franchise di Antal International espressamente dedicata al Settore dell hospitality nella Ricerca e Selezione. Il training, supporto e la collaborazione continua, mi hanno dato l’opportunita’ sin dal primo giorno di avere la giusta sicurezza e professionalita’ di trovare i giusti candidati nei primi sei mesi.”
Salvatore Fernandez, Franchise Owner, UK.