vacation snap.jpgWe are heading into the fourth quarter for 2017…………… Whilst on vacation, you will recharge your batteries for the final months of the year.

During this precious down time, you will reflect on the year to date…. what have you achieved and what would you like to do differently.  Keep in mind; it is not too late to make some positive changes in 2017 which could impact on the rest of your life.

Most certainly, if you are craving something different and a move from corporate life, we can help you start your own recruitment business from a small office or your home.  With the aid of our franchise system, the barriers to entry are reduced as we have the expertise to overcome these and get you started.

Being a professional recruiter allows you to make use of your skills which you have fine tuned over years – you know your industry, you know what ‘good looks like’ , you know what skills are needed to get the job done.  We will help you blend this knowledge with our recruitment processes to provide world class recruitment service for your clients.

Timing could not be better, we are planning a training class in September and also November so we could schedule you into one of these classes.  We can make it possible for you to launch your own recruitment business, be trained and fully operational before 2018.

So we implore you, whilst relaxing on vacation this year, let your mind contemplate the possibilities of a future with Antal International.  Our model enables you to apply all your commercial expertise back into the market that you know inside and out, as an executive recruiter.

You can end the year on a high and be your own boss…… just contact us on for more information.


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