Take Control of your Destiny before the Upturn!


‘At Antal International we believe that recessions do come to an end and now could be THE BEST time to start our own recruitment business to be in a strong position to take advantage of the upturn.’

Many recruiters are using this opportunity to set up their own business with Antal International and we are already welcoming several new owners to Antal International with recruitment experience who will be working from our London office from next week!

When Tony Goodwin our chairman first set up a recruitment company in 1991/1992 the UK economy was in the midst of the worst recession since World War 2. In the UK in the 1980s during the Thatcher era there was a massive influx of home ownership and of people doing well in the City. By 1991 many were in negative equity. In 1998 we at Antal went through the Russian Crisis and between 2001 and 2003 the technology industry was hit and 55% of Antal’s revenue at that time came from that very industry.

Likewise Doug Bugie, the CEO of Antal International Network, likewise built the Humana business in a time of recession in the early 1990’s with James Caan who is well known for his success on the UK TV programme ‘Dragons Den’. Just read the extract from his book ‘The Real Deal – My Story from Brick Lane to Dragons Den’ which is a best seller and expertly tells the story of how Doug and James made it from humble beginnings to his success today. You can view the extract on our web site www.antalfranchising.com

Doug Bugie is one of the leading names in global recruitment (google Doug Bugie) and hewill be holding an interactive webcast TODAY, Friday 10 July 2009 at 1300 hours (BST).

Listen to Doug and ask him your questions LIVE!

Just click on the following link TODAY at 1300 hrs (BST) or paste it into your browser

So don’t let these times put you off starting your own recruitment business! Don’t go it alone – join Antal International – a business that has not only survived the bad times but has consistently made great profit and enjoyed steady global expansion to 60 offices across 28 Countries!


Doug will explain the following in the webcast tomorrow:


  • Strong Management Support that has made it through several recessions and has not only remained profitable but achieved global expansion.
  • Opportunities to share business with 58 offices across 28 Countries – this is business sharing at its best. Our franchised offices are adding 30% per annum to their revenue. Choices – franchise/Joint Venture/Antal branding or dual branding Back office administration – including invoice and collection if you choose
  •  Serviced office space at our London HQ at very attractive prices and potential for similar office space around the world.
    Full training and support for you and your consultants.  This goes far beyond general recruitment training and includes leadership, management and training on running a business.
  • Free use of training suite, interview rooms and international web casting for client meetings and candidate interviews.  Join us live tomorrow to find out more at 1300 hours.

Join Doug live tomorrow to find out more at 1300 hours (BST) by click on the following link, or paste it into your browser:


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