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If you choose the recruitment industry, you will be joining a sector that ranges from finance to catering, engineering to sales. And it encompasses everything from temporary work to permanent boardroom positions.

As far as franchising goes, there are broadly two kinds of recruitment on offer. At the commercial recruitment end of the scale, you should recognise the high street names. They cover a familiar market which handles work placement in a low to mid range pay bracket for both temporary and permanent contracts. Good examples are Travail Employment Group and Select Appointments, two of the largest franchisors in the UK.

In an executive search franchise, on the other hand, potential employees don’t walk in off the street. You work within a sector, such as IT or finance, and actively seek out people by research, networking and by picking up the phone to call to speak with people who you think may be good potential candidates. Willingness to pick up the phone is a major requirement for all recruiters!

Who is it suited to?

It isn’t enough to just think you can enter the recruitment sector, you have to believe in the ‘job’. It is extremely people based and you will be hands on in the office on a day to day basis. You have to be prepared for what might come as a bit of a culture shock. If you can’t imagine yourself working in this way then don’t.

You must also closely follow the brand of the franchisor. When you choose to become a franchisee you are acknowledging that you want to be your own boss. But you are also building on the established reputation of the franchisor. Having a franchisor behind you isn’t like having an employer again. You are running your own business and accordingly can’t expect to be treated like an employee.

If business is difficult, the franchisor will be there to guide but you are on your own and you have to sort it out, which will probably lead to long hours. At the same time, you will be more flexible, have a greater degree of self-satisfaction and more freedom. Whether you want this is perhaps the most important question you should be asking. But it is important to remember that while mistakes must be solved on your own, the financial triumphs will be wholly yours as well.


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