As our recruiters are on the front line in the hiring process, they hear the reports first hand. We are shocked about the number of people in the work environments that continue to exclude and segregate groups.

A prime example was a transgender person who confided in our recruiter and told them about the difficulty she experienced, been rejected by various recruitment filters, companies, and people. The cherry on the cake was that even within a transnational company that defines itself as open minded there was still discrimination for “being transgender”. Within her team she also had issues with communication and unkind, discriminatory comments.

Another candidate with deafness shared how, as a child in education, she had suffered many blows to her emotions and confidence with constant taunts. Hoping to escape this in the work place by achieving a master’s degree, they found in workplace, they treated her as a person with few skills and she has had problems in her professional growth.

How can we prevent this happening?

When asked about solutions to address this, some of the professionals proposed to generate policies within the company that would open communication channels in order to generate an environment free of discrimination.

Others commented that education was vital in order to generate an open mind. They agreed the importance of generating workshops in order to raise the awareness towards these groups could help stem such professional “bullying”.

Nowadays, many human resources departments forget the discriminated groups; promoting the growth of discrimination by ignoring it exists. A question you can ask yourself is…. , “How would you create an environment free of violence and discrimination against minority groups within your company? “

Do not hesitate to share your experience and comments here, let’s generate good positive ideas so we can challenge and change our work environments – so they become more open.

Credit for this article goes to:
Osval Orduña
Antal International Mexico

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