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At Antal International, we strive to share as much business as possible across our international Network and we encourage offices to make use of the power of local knowledge to positively influence the outcome of clients hiring decisions.

Here is a perfect example of how we do this.

Pakistan and The Netherlands shared a retainer this month for a Country Manager in Pakistan with a Dutch multinational: The client had tried to fill the roll before with help of a different recruitment agency, but our competitor did not have local presence in Pakistan. When the Amsterdam office got in touch with corporate HR, Antal’s business proposition – the local presence in Pakistan, our presence in The Netherlands, where global HQ is located and the expertise in life sciences- convinced the client to have an international teleconference with their HR, the hiring manager and Antal’s managing partners Muhammad Akram Malik and Nausherwan Akram regarding the role.

Muhammad and Naush came extremely well prepared and shared their local and global market insights with the client, as well as Muhammad’s Senior Management experience in the life sciences and chemicals industry. The client was impressed a week later the client signed a retainer agreement and handed over all the information from the previous search conducted by our competitor.

In the first week of his search Muhammad already identified more than 30 potential candidates who haven’t been contacted by our competitor. Muhammad has tirelessly been conducting in-depth interviews in the last two weeks and is about to deliver a shortlist with excellent pre-qualified candidates. Moreover, with his experience as a hiring manager and his understanding of local culture and candidates, he is able to manage the candidates in the best possible way!

This is the power of the international Antal Network!  If you would like more information on how to be part of our Network please email us on



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