Back to School – reduce your stress

Are you ready for the shift in your life with majority of students returning to school after the summer break?

The return to school impacts everyone, even if you do not have students in your home.  Commutes are longer with delays from the massive influx of people on public transport. The daily hustle and bustle can easily become tiresome.

Tips to help get organised:

  • Weekly planner – a close friend of mine with 5 boys let me into her secret of being super organised…. She has a massive weekly planner which she uses religiously to plot all activities and sports matches. I had always marvelled at her amazing recall of key dates….. you can do the same to map out your week so you do not miss any key meetings or appointments.  Make full use of your commuting time to plan your working day so you arrive fresh and focused in the office.
  • Plan B, C, D – the pressures of modern life can be immense, especially if you have a commitment or have a dependant.  Forward thinking can make all the difference. Having a back-up plan to cover all eventualities makes life so much less stressful.  This could be include the backup of family, friends, neighbours or other support groups.
  • Invest in spares – having a secret stash of exercise books, pencils, pens and other essentials will ensure that you can squash any excuse for not getting homework done. Same can be said for tasks you have been put off. Get the basics organised. How many of us can never find a pen that works in your home?
  • Striking the Work / Life balance – it is at the high stress points of the day that you will feel the highest levels of pressure. If Mondays are filling you with dread and the week ahead seems ominous with an enormous black cloud hanging over it – is it time to change?

If you wish to readdress this work / life balance, our recruiters are on hand to talk with you. We can work with you to find the right job, which ticks as many of your boxes as possible.   The job market is buoyant and our clients are keen to recruit and expand their teams. Contact us today or look through the jobs advertised on our website (

Of course you may be considering starting up your own business!

Remarkably there have been 452,305 start-ups registered this year in Britain alone (source: and you could be one of those budding entrepreneurs. Antal International have been helping people like you since 2002. If you are interested in finding out more about how franchising could help you create a business in the recruitment sector, please get in touch by emailing

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