Recruitment tip – What to do when you get 100 responses!

Crack on – don’t Crack up – we can help you with key tips

Recruitment tip = Where does a recruiter start when you have 100 responses to one job advert? Here are 3 pointers in a HOT recruitment tip from Antal International to keep in mind.

1. CRM set up

Make sure your CRM is set up to send mailers to groups of people.  Or, set up an automatic email in your mailbox thanking all candidates for their application.  Always inform them of their rights under the GDPR regulations.

2. Recruitment Tip

Develop a must have skill list with the client.  Listen carefully to any feedback on candidates submitted as you will quickly learn that although a key skills was not on the job specification. Review all responses against this list and develop your own short list of the best matches – A List. Review the remaining candidates and put into B List (ok but missing one element).  C List – not suitable as they fail to meet the criteria.

3. Short list

Focus on the short list and screen these candidates carefully – fully qualifying them against every element of the role.  Focus on the A List, you will be able to efficiently work through the top grade candidates and source the best for the job.

We do it differently…..

At Antal International, we take this one step further as we do not rely on a job advert alone. As specialists who previously worked within industry, often at a senior level, we know the market and approach those we feel are the best fit. We leave no stone un-turned, reaching out to our well established networks of high-calibre individuals.  With this method we uncover hidden-talent.  That is talent which doesn’t apply to job-adverts because they are happy in their current role. These candidates are often the best calibre individuals and the talent.  For this reason, our clients engage us on a retained basis.

If you are interested in learning more about our proactive approach to recruitment and other such recruitment tips, why not contact one of our offices.  We are regularly looking to expand our teams and even offer a franchise model if you have ever thought about recruiting as a career move.

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