Reality Check – Recruitment in South Africa

By March 21, 2019news

Living in Africa, and indeed South Africa, is an experience like no other. It is a continent enriched with an abundance of resources and overwhelming natural beauty – it is utterly breath taking. The people of South Africa are the jewels in the countries crown. Warm, passionate, well educated, ambitious, hard working and diverse. Their combined efforts ensure that South Africa offers a fast moving, highly advanced, vibrant hub of commerce.

The business climate in South Africa, however, is one of uncertainty – the regular shifting of political parties and legislation makes conducting business a challenge. In order to survive in business you must operate in a constant state of flexibility, so you can adapt quickly to changes. It is the pressure of constant change and a drive to succeed which makes South Africa a nation of natural entrepreneurs – most people have no other choice other than to “make a plan”. This resilience should not be taken for granted and under estimated.

Antal International has been active with offices in the South African for over 10 years. We find that despite this ever-changing business environment, on the labour market clients are looking for stable, reliable, highly qualified and able staff to complete their projects on time and within budget. Key staff quotes also need to be met to ensure equality in the work place – with the full power of legislation enforcing this. To operate as a recruitment partner in South Africa, you need to be well informed and able to assist clients with their legal staffing requirements. This does pose some challenges if looking for a particular skill set against strict criteria – but it is never impossible. We truly believe there is a perfect fitting candidate for each role within each company – it is just a matter of finding them. Recruiters are constantly pushed to think on their toes, outside the box and find resources for client where others may have not looked. The Antal methodologies of sourcing candidates have proven time and time again to be the key to success. Applied as instructed, we have often been able to out manoeuvre the competition and secure the deal.

We push boundaries; our business model allows you to scale the international borders with ease. You will find yourself working with clients not only in Southern Africa but across the globe. And that is where being part of the Antal Network becomes very interesting.

Tony Goodwin, our Founder and Group Chairman will be making a special visit to South Africa, to host 2 business sessions to tell you more and connect with entrepreneurs interested in launching their own recruitment business.

Tony will explain the approach Antal applies across the globe and how we successfully overcome recruitment hurdles, no matter the business backdrop. There is no charge to attend the event, commit your time alone and simply make your booking via the links:

Johannesburg Discovery Session

Cape Town Discovery Session

We hope to see you in South Africa.

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