Read more about our internal trainer Shinu Javed and her journey from recruitment to training

I joined Antal in January 2007 as a junior recruiter. From there on, there has been no looking back. ComShinuing from a non recruitment, non corporate background, Antal taught me all I needed to learn to be a successful recruiter. Our 30 steps of recruitment process and APC marketing, two foundation stones, helped me be successful, not to mention the amazing amounts of commission I drew. After working for 5 years as a billing consultant, it was time to look at something else and the perfect opportunity came in March 2012 when I became Franchise Training Manager. I joined the franchise team and my understanding grew from just desk level operations to appreciate the nuances an owner goes through, keeping the business operational and profitable. I have an amazing team to support and can count on. I now have a good understanding of various levels and stages of business growth and respective challenges of what owners must do to grow into the next level. However, as a business consultant, I also appreciate the constant need to learn and growing my own knowledge to be able to help and support owners and consultants. Shinu Javed, Former Recruiter and Global Franchise Trainer, India

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