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When you start your new journey becoming a franchise Owner with Antal International, you do it for various reasons: wanting to build your own company, become your own boss, be independent, and get a more flexible lifestyle but you also like helping people move into the right direction.

Multiethnic Group of People Meeting in the Office

This is a vital part of the business as you will be placing candidates in new jobs that will make them grow and prosper, but you will also on the other hand find great employees for companies that want to build up their offices.

But even if good efforts and good planning are vital for the running of your own business, the secret of success in a recruitment career lies in your ability and your enjoyment to talk to people.

Starting out on a daily basis, you will need to plan and make a high level of calls to potential hiring managers to get job orders.

Your weekly plan should include hundreds of phone calls.

Assume there are 4 hiring managers per company—start at the highest level and then work down and across the organization.

You will make contact with 3 -5 of a 70 target and perhaps, get 2-5 call backs within a week, that is it.

Then in 3-4 days, make all the calls again to those whom you did not get in touch with.

Then, to supplement your phone calls, on day 2-5, pending your action, you should hit key hiring managers, executives on Social Media platforms. Those emails should be constructed off phone time hours and sent either on weekends, in the early hours of the morning or after phone time, for example during daily planning time.

You need to prepare a good follow up voicemail for your third call as well as a follow up email!

Starting your own recruitment company is a new journey and at Antal International, we take this journey with you giving you advice and tips every step of the way but the success of your company is in your hands alone!

Now you know one of our secrets to success…

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