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Anyone thinking about going into his own business must look at the ‘prevailing winds’, ie., what forces are backing, surrounding and affecting the proposed business investment – are the supportive, positive of the industry I may be investing in and managing for myself?

In the case of Antal International executive recruitment, the prevailing winds are as follows:

Per the Antal Global Snapshot, where almost 9,500 decision makers are interviewed, the overall trend is way about 68% of companies will be hiring in virtually every region of the world.

Coupled with this, due the aging populations in many countries, the West, but increasingly in China, there is not enough talent to fuel the existing jobs. There aren’t enough people to hire and there is pressure to find them and get them on board. this = fees for our industry like never before.

All multinational companies will say that the world economy is improving but there are very few international recruiting firms with a global platform, with real ‘boots on the ground’ who can help them.


The average age of a recruiter in this industry is 27; Antal owners have on average 10-20 years in a given sector or discipline and bring much more to the table for both their companies and candidates = a more powerful business offering.

The full report and key findings can be found on

The value of the Antal Global Snapshot to your business is limitless. The media opportunity for Antal Owners is the opportunity to appear as the thought leader in their local markets with the hottest trend (Hiring = Business Confidence) will lead to more business enquiries and more recognition, who knows we may see you on TV, read about you online or in the newspapers or hear you on radio in the coming weeks.

The Global Snapshot research generates coverage in diverse media such as the Financial Times, CNN, Spain’s El Mundo, The Times of China, and the Gulf’s Arabian Business.

For these and other reasons, we can discuss Antal being the one and true global recruitment franchisor, with a 20 year record working around the world, generating over 60,0000 placements. There is proven path. Think about this as you think about investing in it yourself.

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