Myth busting – remote working

74 Antal Awards 2013 CL8A5422If you are thinking about launching your own business, starting with a small operation you may wonder about the impact this would have on you and the difference of this to working in an office. Or similarly, you might have staff that need to work remotely and you are unsure of the affect this will have on the business.

From Ashleigh Fitzgerald, our Operations Director’s experience, it is safe to say that the myths about remote working are unfounded. She has been working remotely, in a small office for some time now and her experience is not what she expected. Here what she says:

  • Isolation as I am a social person, I was always under the impression that I would not adjust easily to working solo – on the contrary, I have enjoyed the calm this brings, I am able to focus on tasks at hand – result! I do take a few minutes extra to pass the compliments of the day with the local shop keeper and that sets me up for the day.
  • Easily distracted This is quite the reverse, I have found that I am so focused, I need to discipline myself to stand up and take a break from my pc else it is two o’clock and I have not moved since starting the day.
  • Effectiveness – long periods of time with no interruption have allowed me to produce (in my opinion) impressively high levels of work, my effectiveness has not been affected by working remotely.
  • Communication – I am now more inclined to call rather than just email – when I was office based, it was so much easier to drop someone an email, now I do not hesitate to call.
  • Team communication – even though I am remote, it has been great to be able to have continuous support from my team via emails / skype and calls – thank you

Although you should give it some thought as to how you will feel about working remotely, it is my opinion the advantages of remote working far outweigh the disadvantages. With the myths now ‘busted’, have confidence that working remotely could work for you too.

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