Money isn’t everything for client and sales executives working in IT Systems Integrators

By August 27, 2013news

Client and sales executives in the IT Systems Integrators (SI) industry are under increasing pressure, resulting in large numbers of individuals leaving their current jobs. That’s according to recruiter, Antal International.

Roy Simpson, Managing Partner for Antal International, says: “The industry has always been centered around hitting targets, but the difference is that today it’s only about performance and nothing else. In the past, for example, those individuals who hit their targets were rewarded with the annual sales club, but we don’t see that so much anymore. It’s become much more aggressive and the fun factor is lacking with too much focus on numbers – almost reported weekly.”

The result is that companies are seeing a decline in loyalty and are struggling with staff retention. “We used to see executives remaining in a business for five, even ten years or more,” says Roy. “However, employees no longer feel they have a sense of identity or pride in their company. They see themselves as being just a number and are looking for other opportunities where they hope to feel more appreciated and a part of something. Added to this, younger employees are part of the digital age and have a different attitude to length of stay in a role, leading to more movement in their career.”

“Of course, the salaries in the industry remain competitive, but an employee needs to feel settled in their job too. It isn’t only about the pay, there needs to be the balance between fun and money. And until this is recognised we will continue to see professionals switching roles, and employers finding it difficult to retain their top talent.”

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