Meet our team in London

Doug Bugie, President of Antal International Network, will be in London in September, the weeks starting the 1st, 15th and 22nd. He will be available to work with prospective franchisees on the following subjects:

  • Facts about successful self-employment and building profitable executive recruitment business
  • How to succeed particularly in the executive recruitment business, how to use your background as leverage an what it means in generating recruitment fees at a high level
  • Actual financial planning to be prepared and to build a successful business, what one can expect in the positives and negatives
  • Reasons why owners succeed, struggle or even fail
  • Very specifically what Antal provides in training and support and what is it about the methodology that works for people around the world (32 countries) to learn how to do the recruitment business itself, but also, crucially, how to build larger, mosey successful business too
  • Setting up further contacts with Antal offices in the UK and around the world to perform ‘due diligence’ in Antal

Doug has been leader in executive recruiting for over 30 years in 40+ countries. More than 700 franchises owners have come though Doug’s doorway and over 50,000 people have found jobs though the organizations built and run by Doug and his world class teams.

Antal itself has made 60,000 placements over the past 15 years and we can show you this on our up to date, instantly retrievable client history data base. It is a terrific selling tool for Antal franchise Owners. It really shows the power of our global platform and brand.

This is an excellent opportunity for a private, confidential and very substantive conversation with absolutely no obligation. This would be about 2 hours in duration.

The timing is good, we are in for at least 5 more years of expansion in the recruitment field.

We will be pleased to help you get this set up properly and assisting in the formulation of your question you will want to ask Doug so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.

Looking forward to speaking with you about this.

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