Let’s be bold and brave in the year of the horse

By January 31, 2014news

The Horse is seen as heroic, strong, bold and brave, even possessing magical capabilities – in mythology it’s able to fly.chinese-ny-2014

Expect anything but the ordinary in a Horse Year. Chinese astrologers tell us to expect a year of fast victories, unexpected adventure, surprise and travel. Energy is high and production is rewarded. Many improvements in world economies have been seen during horse years. But warn that the horse year is one of extremes. This tempestuous year can bring increased conflict, a breakdown of peace and increased natural disasters.

It’s said to be easy to make fast decisions in a Horse year and those practicing Chinese astrology often encourage people to take advantage of this – and make bold, life changing decisions, but advise to ensure decisions are backed by careful planning and research.

Many economies globally are improving and will continue to improve in 2014, bringing new opportunities for entrepreneurialism and adventure.

Whether we believe in Chinese astrology, or not, or just view it as fun, we can take some career and life inspiration from this magical beast: ‘Let’s be bold and brave and make some heroic, but life changing decisions in this Year of the Horse’

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