A few days ago, while reviewing my LinkedIn I came across discussions entitled “a job interview is a sale in which the product is the interviewee himself.

I agree wholeheartedly with this view and indeed, it got me thinking…..  to put this into perspective, we need to appreciate that the labour market is one where talent (candidates) are the supply and the demand originates from the companies (since they pay a price for that talent, salary).

On the basic principal of supply and demand, this analogy helps to clarify your role in this process as a candidate and what is important to emphasise in your interview:

  • Competitive Advantages: It is important as a candidate to focus on the main points that differentiate you from your competition. That is, those benefits that you give but that your competition ignores. During the interview process highlight all your areas of strength.
  • Value Proposal: It is vital as a candidate to know what you contribute to the company. When a recruiter or interviewer asks you your achievements; he does not refer to personal ones. The interviewer expects you to mention the value you have generated to the company. Example: I increased sales by 20%, decreased the loss by 15%, improved print quality by 10%. Specific examples will help make a powerful impact during interview.
  • Handle Objections: There will always be detectable points for which a company may not select you as an option. You must be prepared for these points and address them during the interview. Focus on developing a good objection handling speech so as not to be discarded immediately. Your recruiter will prepare you on any specific areas to discuss.

It is clear that when evaluating candidates, companies follow a purchase process (as when a person buys a car and compares the benefits it gives), this is the same process all Head Hunters, Recruiters, Talent Acquisition, and Hiring Managers apply to find the best option for the best price (Salary).

We trust by unveiling more about the recruitment process, you as a candidate appreciate how important it is to market and sell yourself as the best option for the company during interview. With more information, you will realise the importance of emphasising your strengths for the company.

Please understand we are not reducing people to mere objects but wish to highlight the procurement process underlining the principals of recruitment.  We find some candidates face overlook the fact the labour market is based on transactional lead by supply (candidates) and demand (client who hire) and they have a key part to play in this sale.

All our recruiters at Antal International are trained to work with you and prepare you for the job interview, a vital stage in the recruitment process.

Osval Orduña would be interested in any comments you have on his view shared today.

Do you agree with him?

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