Help your staff beat the winter blues

By November 22, 2013news


As winter draws in, we leave home in the dark and return in the dark – it is easy for staff to lose momentum and slip into hibernation!

The impact of blues on your team should not be underestimated.  Performance can slip and deadlines get missed.  The team can feel lethargic, de-motivated and uninterested in work that would otherwise have kept them engaged.

Instead of just blaming stress and other reasons for low productivity – why not look at the office environment, is this healthy?  Is the physical environment comfortable?  Is it too hot / cold? Are your work station audits up to date?

Once you have checked these factors, to help beat those winter blues there are a few small but effective measures that you can experiment with in your own office and see what works best for your team:

  • Bring in some fresh fruit – this will also help boost their vitamin levels
  • Encourage staff to have desk plants
  • Brighten up the office with some flowers
  • Make Friday a treat day where there is a bowl of candy to dip into
  • Unexpectedly for no specific reason – left staff leave the office early one day
  • Encourage everyone away from the warmth of their desk to get some fresh air during the day light
  • Provide adequate antibacterial hand wash to keep those germs at bay

For those of us that miss the sunlight, you can also top up on your Vitiamin D ‘out of a bottle’ until we get the chance to jet away on vacation.

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