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By November 11, 2013Meeting, news

AshleighI was compelled to buy this book after reading the advertorial by Land Securities promoting Shawn Achor on the 15th October 2013 in the Times newspaper.  I am glad I did as this lead me on a path of learning and enlightenment as I read each page of ‘The Happiness Advantage’ – The Seven Principals that Fuel Success and Performance at Work’ why wouldn’t you read a book with such a catchy title if only for a measure of intrigue and a pinch of scepticism.

Fortunately, I am a ‘glass half full’ type of person so I took the book in a positive spirit and now feel equipped to employ these methods in my daily life and work environment – a challenge, but one I am going to follow through with.

Shawn Achor bases all of his recommendations on extensive proven research which appealed to my analytical bias.  He is a world leading expert in human potential having conducted his research in 42 countries following which he has argued extensively, worldwide and in many Fortune 500 companies that the Happiness Advantage is extremely powerful and can increase success at work.  He presents seven principles that when actioned, are said to increase success and achievement.  This includes the ‘Social Investment’, which is of particular importance to any business as it stresses the importance of friends, peers and family members as they act as a barrier and help us overcoming adversity and so achieve success and excellence.  For example, a difficult situation at work can be diffused by talking it through with a trusted peer, alleviating stress and putting things into perspective, ask yourself this question, “Will this ‘thing’ matter this time next year?”

In his gripping book, Shawn Achor argues that managers should encourage staff to develop relationships with their colleagues and spend time socialising as this has a positive impact on their ‘happiness’ and in turn, performance.  The positivity of one person in your team will filter through to other staff in a ripple effect.

On the flip side, this is just the same way negativity can affect a group, ‘Like second-hand smoke, the leakage of emotions can make a bystander an innocent casualty of someone else’s toxic state’ according to Daniel Goleman, oh so true!  Management need to be on guard and counteract any infection spreading.

So here are some tips to get started:

  • Smile
  • Take time to think of things each day to be grateful for….. there are many
  • Find something to look forward to
  • Be kind and do daily conscious act of kindness
  • Spread positively through your interactions with people
  • Buy the book and
  • Look forward to reading my next blog on this topic

Ashleigh Fitzgerald
Franchise Operations Director


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