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Antal International is a key player on the German Recruitment market and we follow the reports on the industry closely.  The Association of German Management Consultants (BDU – Bundesverband Deutscher Unternehmensberater) has recently published an interesting article shared with us by our managing partner, Olaf Grewe, thank you.

Did you know?

12 interesting facts about the German Recruitment market:

1. There are 2,000 recruitment companies in Germany.  The German Recruitment market certainly has scope of expansion.

2. There are about 14,000 employees who, in the year 2016, achieved a sales increase of 9.3%.  The German Recruitment market is on a steady increase

3. Within the study, there was a clear group of individuals focused very heavily on CV-trading with the aim of a shortened search process.  Our offices provide a more personal approach on the German Recruitment market.

4. We are part of a smaller group that provide project research. We analyse the environment of the position to be filled, the motivation of the candidates and the framework conditions of the sector.  Our offices apply the Antal methodologies to find the right candidates for projects,

5. Although time consuming, this is an important element of the recruitment cycle. “The struggle to find these talents and experts is stronger than ever. Finding the right person proves to be quite a challenge. The search process is more detailed than before.”  We appreciate that the process is highly involved.  

6. The research showed that it takes an average of 12 weeks to successfully fill a position. This is also on the decline with any jobs filling sooner. Clients want to source candidates quickly.  

7.  Companies are also increasingly trying to recruit themselves – however, the success of this active sourcing is modest.

8.  Social media and similar channels do not reach all interesting candidates.  More than ever, individual networks, recommendations and professional search strategies are needed. The human touch in the German Recruitment market is still of paramount importance.  

9.  More and more industries are relying on the services of personnel consultants, to continue to improve the process.

10. 75% of recruitment companies have hired new consultants last year.   Another indicator of the German Recruitment business strength.  

11.  Digital processes play an increasingly important role, but especially on C-Level positions.  Evidence that the German Recruitment market demand will remain steady.  

12.  Although the working conditions are complex, with the right support partner, it is possible to open your own recruitment business.  

If you are interested in more information about the industry please reach out to one of our German Antal offices.  If you would like to start your own recruitment office, contact our franchise team to discuss the options in more detail.  Please also visit our website.

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