When starting up a business, a franchise is the only option!
You are at a cross roads in your life….. do you start up on your own making use of your extensive industry knowledge or do you take another job to service the industry as an employee?
By breaking away from corporate life, you will be free to make your own decisions and be the master of your own success.
Investment in a franchise is the only way forward as with a franchise system you get all the support, training and guidance to succeed in your business.  You are not working in a silo but part of a larger network.
Buyer Beware, however, you need to do your research and select a franchise system that will fit best with your skills and knowledge.  Investment into a franchise is not an automatic ticket for success…. you have to roll up your sleeves and work the business, as the franchise model prescribes….
At Antal International, our franchise model supports you in the launch of your own recruitment company.  This makes full use of your extensive network and knowledge.
In this clip of interviews with some of our recent new owners, you can hear the decision making process they took before joining our Network and their feedback on the training given.  Interestingly, one new office was able to get started immediately and invoiced a client within weeks of the training class…. a sterling result…. can you guess which one?
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