Franchise owners meeting in Paris

Antal International has held its first French Owners meeting at the beginning of this week, the 1st October 2013.

This meeting was a great opportunity to for our French Owners, old and new ones, to meet face to face and share information about their businesses and deals.
The French Owners enjoyed a welcome introduction from Tony Goodwin and Tremayne Elson via Skype.

The meeting was chaired by Maria Stevens, the Franchise Training Director, with the aim of working together in France and generating more shared business across the network.

Constanze Kästner from the Marketing Team in the London headquarters presented the range of marketing support material to the French Owners, explaining all marketing support Antal provides and how they can use it to support the growth of their businesses. Constanze gave an overview of the corporate marketing strategy and plans to develop an article aimed at the French market in the next edition.

Maria facilitated a training session about common mistakes recruiters make, this session included key errors being the fact that the jobs are sometimes not qualified properly, that selling in a recruitment business is a daily focus and the importance of being industry and sector focused.

This day has been a great success helping the French owners have a better insight of the help and support provided by Antal International. The French Owners all agreed to meet again in February as the Antal Annual Conference would be the next gathering in the diary.

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