Feeling stuck in repeat mode?

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If you keep doing the same thing you will get the same results!

Antal International has the key to unlock your potential. Look, we get it, the 9-6 can be so draining, pressing buttons and making calls, hitting targets that has been put in place for you. Your days are so consistent, life is too short to live the same day twice! Imagine breaking free from the corporate world and entering the world of entrepreneurship. Antal International has 140+ offices and present in 33 countries which is growing as we speak, so why not join our team and contribute as we take the company from strength to strength.

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Antal is on the look out for YOU, yes YOU! The reader who is probably stuck in an office somewhere reading articles to pass time.

  • Do you have a passion for recruitment and interested in setting up your own recruitment company via Antal International?
  • Do you want change?
  • Can you afford to invest £25,000 to run your own recruitment agency?

If you answered YES to all of the above then let’s have a discussion. Please visit our website to learn more Antal Franchising Network

Awards dinner

I have a very special invitation for those who are serious about running their own recruitment agency via Antal International.

The Russo-British Chamber of Commerce has an exclusive Gala Dinner to Celebrate the successful business relations between Great Britian and Russia held in London, including our very own success story : Antal International reacquires Antal Russia

If you would like more information about this exclusive event please email me as seats are limited.


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