Discover the Antal Global Snapshot 13

AGS13_Cover_226x319The latest Global Snapshot report from our recruitment consultancy Antal International shows “greater stability throughout the international staffing sector”.
This is according to Antal chief executive Tony Goodwin (right), who continues: “Despite a consistent decline in the percentage of companies hiring, a steady fall in the percentage of organisations shedding staff – down from 20% in April to 18% in August and just 16% in December – infers that workforces are stabilising and offering more in the way of long-term security to employees.”

Within Europe, two Nordic nations lead the way, while Botswana and Philippines weare the hottest markets worldwide, according to the survey, based on interviews with 16,832 HR managers across 52 countries in November and December of last year.

In Botswana, 82% of companies said they were currently hiring at managerial/professional level, compared with 71% in the Philippines.

Denmark (64%) and Finland (62%) are two of just three European nations reporting higher than 60% in that field, the other being Russia (63%). Spain (31%) was the coldest market globally, while 46% of UK companies responded that they were hiring.

Across the globe, the sectors with the highest current levels of recruitment activity at professional and managerial level were luxury goods, shared service centres & business process outsourcing, and technology, ICT, hardware, storage & networking.

The full report is available online via the Antal Global Snapshot website.

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