Discover how Antal helps its Franchise Owners to build up and successfully run their own recruitment business

Becoming Antal’s franchisee can be very rewarding for the owner / investor. We offer  business professionals and the recruiters Antal new logoto build their own businesses (no prior experience in recruiting needed), proven and award winning initial and on-going training to gain clients, right through to making placements and collecting fees, typically between 10k and 30k pounds or Euros per placement. There are benefits like streaming and training on thousands of subjects in recruitment via full time top class global trainers.

Antal Franchise Owners have the freedom and support to build the size of business they choose. It can be a boutique, niche executive recruitment business or a large 10+ recruiter operation.

Antal was established 22 years ago and we now present in more than 30 countries. Owners worldwide have made more than 60.000 placements and are particularly strong in developing economies like China, India, Poland and Russia as well as the developed western markets and the Middle-East/Africa.

 All our franchise Owners across 30 countries share the same goal and are trained in the ability to help empower careers and businesses worldwide. Through this international network, they have the opportunity to share international capabilities and delivery of talent which is highly sought after by clients and candidates and is very lucrative as well.

A prospective franchisee must have the ability to attract new employees. He / she must be passionate and hard working. He / she should first decide if he / she really desire to be in the executive recruitment business or not. We work closely and confidentially with our franchise prospects to determine if they are right for the industry and if we are the right organization to support their ambitions and goals.

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