Over my years of recruiting, I have become increasingly aware of a syndrome I refer to as the Unemployed Syndrome.

This syndrome is evident in some unemployed people, the symptoms being commonly detected especially during long-term unemployment. The symptoms people talk about include anxiety, insomnia, hypertension, self-esteem problems, and social phobia. This makes many individuals I have spoken withCure for the “Unemployment Syndrome” feel a lack of courage, identity, and even self-esteem. All this is caused by having placed their security in a company, position, person and not its source.  In my view, this syndrome can be divided into four elements:

  1. Lack of Value
  2. Lack of Forgiveness
  3. Lack of Dimension
  4. Lack of Identity

Lack of Value:  When unemployed for some time, you may question your value; you may start to feel worthless. Expert recruiters are on hand throughout our Antal offices to discuss your work experience and position your profile with you

Lack of Forgiveness: There is an old saying “an eye for an eye”, “a tooth for a tooth”. Newton was not wrong by saying that every action deserves a reaction.

However, if in long term unemployment, it is important to be realistic about your work status and not harbour resentment about your current status, indeed this advice stands, “Letting off the offence does not make us weak but wise (Proverbs 19:11)”.  Talk to the recruiters at Antal about how we can turn your experiences into positives to demonstrate your resilience and ability to bouncy back from adversity.  Every negative can be channelled into a positive action to counteract this.

Lack of Dimension:  Although unemployment is a serious situation, it is important to keep this in perspective.  It is a challenge which can be solved.  Our recruiters will be able to assist you with a wide spectrum of opportunities some of which may make use your skills but perhaps in different industry or sectors.

Lack of Identity:  There is a big root of the unemployed syndrome and this is an identity problem. We have allowed our profession, work, and company in which we work to be synonymous with identity.  I have good news for you; you are unique and unrepeatable. Let’s talk about probabilities. According to the author of ‘The Tao of Dating’ the probability that you were born is the same as 2.5 million unknown people are together, that each of them throw a die (with 1 Trillion Sides); and, when you roll the dice, everyone falls on the same side. A miracle by definition do not you think?

Identifying these 4 points I am sure that you can generate action plans that will allow you to cancel them in your life. Do not let the Unemployed syndrome put obstacles in your job hunting. Let our team at Antal work with you to see problems as challenges which are not impossible to overcome.

Osval Orduña

Antal Recruitment Mexico

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