Cultivating a champ…..

The inspirational speeches shared with us at the Antal International Conference last year by Derek Redmond certainly made a lasting impression on me. As you will know, during his career, Derek held the British record for the 400 metres sprint, and won gold medals in the 4×400 metres relay at the World Championships and European Championships.

My 13 year old son has been boxing for the last two years and I listened intently to his advice on goal mapping and preparation. We used these techniques to preparation my son for the amateur boxing championship this year.  The training started in September 2017 and gradually increased to 3 / 4 sessions per week – 10 hours of training / sparring.

We gave Charlie as much positive encouragement as we could. All the occasions he had to miss to go to boxing training we tried to find an alternative so he did not feel hard done by.  We gave him positive affirmations constantly and reminded him of the steps he had to take and why he has doing this.  Many a late night we would talk on the drive home about the commitment and determination needed to be a champion and nothing should be seen as a sacrifice only a distraction.  Mental strength and focus was key and what was evident in the bout is that no matter how many times the referee stopped the fight to give instruction; Charlie remained focused and did not lose momentum.

The toughest challenge for Charlie was maintaining weight whilst training and sticking to a controlled diet, especially not easy around Christmas or Easter time. Charlie also had to overcome ankle injury; he got on the soccer pitch, which put him on crutches for a week in March so he had to undergo intense physio therapy.

All the months of preparation by his coaches and mentors paid off and he claimed his first title of Irish National Boxing Champion 2018, Boy 2, 72 kg category on Saturday.  Although he is only 13 and has a long way to go, with so much to learn, we can appreciate there is more to any sport, than just turning up on the day.  Listening to the journey Derek took made this all the more evident.

I realise that the same principals can be applied to business and in fact any goal you have in life. Map out the key milestones, make sure you are aware of the challenges and certainly do not underestimate your opponent.

I will keep you posted on Charlie’s progress in the coming years which “God willing” will continue on the positive track 🙂

Thank you Derek for your advice.



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