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Feeling frustrated….. you are not alone…. Increasingly, recruiters are failing to make first contact with candidates in the marketplace.  The job opportunities could be life changing but there is a low level of engagement from candidates.  This can slow down the recruitment process and also frustrate the recruiter and client no end.  Questions pop up such as:

  • Really is anyone out there?
  • Did anyone get my voicemail?
  • Did anyone get my email?

Here are 3 pointers you can put into action as a recruiter to immediately increase your candidate engagement and have more success in your communications:

  1. Review your message – make sure it is personal and relevant to the candidate. Someone is far more likely to respond to you if you have taken the time to review their CV and make reference to this in the message you leave.
  2. Find a hook – highlight a good reason for the candidate to want to talk to you – the link between the candidate’s background and the job needs to be made clear – giving the candidate a reason to call you back.
  3. Inject some energy and urgency – convey the timelines for the role and key draw factors for the job in any voicemail. People are far more likely to return a call if the message is upbeat and lively.

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