Antal International recently welcomed 4 new owners and 2 more are in the training process.

Pascal Dutfoy and Gilles Coutard in France, Burcu Menekse and her partner Burak Ergezen in Germany and Ahmed Namir in Egypt.

Pascal Dutfoy is opening his Antal franchise in France and comes from an automotive and engineering background. He will specialise in the manufacturing of transportation vehicles and their components. Gilles Coutard is also opening his business in France and he will mainly cover Medical devices, primarily in orthopedics, arthroscopy and rehabilitation. Burcu Menekse & Burak Ergezen are launching their franchise business in Germany and will be working in the sectors of IT and telecommunications. Burcu & Burak are Industrial Engineers with an important experience in the field of Process Re-Engineering, Re-design and Re-organisation. We also welcome Ahmed Namir, a new franchise owner in Egypt who is covering the pharmaceutical sector. Ahmed is a Pharmaceutical industry expert with over 20 years of comprehensive experience.

Want to embrace the entrepreneur in you, but don’t know how?

In order to find out more about your own journey into becoming an entrepreneur and your own boss, join our discussion on how Tony Goodwin made his journey to success. As written by The Sunday Times “The entrepreneur developed his international recruitment agency in eastern Europe and Russia after the fall of communism. A strong work ethic was drummed into Tony Goodwin from an early age. It has stood him in good stead. Goodwin’s recruitment agency, Antal International, employs 500 people in more than 35 countries and this year is likely to have turnover of almost £60m.”

Why Tony joined the recruitment sector?

Do you see “Tony” in you?

At Antal we help professionals, leverage their career experience and industry network, to develop an open-ended substantial income from the companies in their industry by starting up a high end recruitment company. The income levels our recent partners have achieved in their first SIX MONTHS are in excess of £120,000, making ‘Year 1’ earnings of greater than £250,000 their ambition.

Target audience: Entrepreneurs, dynamic, energetic, highly motivated and people who have a desire to earn attractive income


  • Tony’s Journey to success
  • Facts about Global Recruitment
  • How you can build your own Recruitment & Executive search company
  • What are the potential earnings of owning your own Recruitment business

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