HOT Demand & Top Skills in 2020

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A recent study by the World Economic Forum projected skills you will need in your business for 2020. The Top 10 business skills are tracked annually and data variations year on year make for interesting comparison and reflect the ever changing business environment.

The evolution of skills needed in business over the next 5 year period, will certainly play to different peoples strengths.  Our advice is to keep this in mind and start adjusting your recruitment strategy now to capture the raising talent which might be under appreciated and walk right out your door.

Starting with the top skill, there is no surprise with Complex Problem Solving remaining the hot favourite in 1st place in 2015 and also in 2020. It can be argued this will not change anytime soon as issues are becoming increasingly complex with more external factors and ever changing legislation to take into account in every business decision. This is proof that you especially need people in your organisation who are fearless, can tackle any challenge, no matter the sizes or complexity whilst thinking clearly and remaining calm.

There is a change in the 2nd place skill; in 2015 this skill was Coordinating with others, a relatively passive skill of rounding up the troops and pointing them all in the same direction. In 2020, the prediction is there will be more emphasis on Critical thinking, as this bags the 2nd place spot.

With the sheer volume of data and information available at any one time with the streamlining of business processes and electronic reporting, it will take a sharp and critical mind to wade through volumes of data and make informed decisions based on facts and performance. Perhaps not all information is relevant or accurate or more drastically, perhaps key information is missing for a business decision which only a critical thinker will detect.

Most interesting of the shift in the top 10 skills needed in business is in the 3rd spot, in 2015 this was People Management, and there is a big leap in 2020 for Creativity thinking which jumps from the 10th spot into 3rd. People Management slips down the table to 4th place. The ability to apply creative thinking, look at situations from different perspectives with an enquiring mind will be a key factor in skills needed for a business to thrive.

How many people on your team today tick these boxes? How many people of your team have a flair for creating, suggesting new ideas and have the courage to ask questions?

New skills to the table are Emotional Intelligence in 6th place and Cognitive Thinking in at 10 . There is a definite shift towards needing staff able to think on a deeper level with consideration. This moves away from the old school dictatorial management style of leading through fear and aggression to one of positive management with clear openly shared logic.

As we move closer to 2020, now is the time to reflect on the dynamics of your teams, especially if you want to retain your competitive advantage

The teams at Antal can help your organisation map the skills needed in the future.

Get in touch with our local teams today and start the process of building and delivering on your 2020 business success.

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