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Imo Etuk, Franchise Owner in London, UK, wanted to share his point of view on starting his business with Antal International.

The UK is a great place to start a business, but survival rates are low. Research by the British commercial insurer RSA suggests “More than half of new businesses don’t survive beyond five years, with the UK tax system, a lack of bank lending and the cost of running a business cited as the top reasons for failure.”

Troubling stats suggest that doing it alone isn’t going to be easy and building a long-term and lucrative business is fraught with difficulties.

This explains why Imo Etuk decided to take a Franchise from Antal International Network to leverage on its brand/ trade mark and Trade across the globe.

His first year of operations has been faced with a series of challenges ranging fr
om Understanding the Recruitment Industry, carving out his Niche Market to getting Clients / candidates to begin to building Trust and Confidence on his Ability and Capacity to deliver.

“Robust Induction and ongoing training by Antal InternationalIEtuk actually provided a platform for me and my team to keep going and our first breakthrough came when we judiciously started following the APC Marketing. This is mainly thanks to Lee Narraway who first laid the foundation via Induction and also thanks to Stephen Sweeney who later lubricated the foundation through creativity and innovations.

Although we are operating below our 2016 budget (which was a flat budget based on Business Plan), we are confident to turn around things for 2017 as we now have a database of credible candidates and have so far been able to sign-on 8 Clients in our first year of operations.

In 2017, with the support of the Antal Franchise Team, we would like to overcome the challenges of losing businesses from existing clients. We have had a couple of cases where most of the roles already contracted to us were being placed “on hold” or “suspended” after we have gone into the market and shortlisted candidates for these roles. This is a major challenge that we at Antal Croydon really want to overcome in 2017.

Finally, we would like to conclude that the 2017 budget shall be more realistic as we now understand our niche market and how long it takes to conclude a particular deal: ie from when the roles are advised to us to when the candidates resume work.”

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