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One of our leading ambassadors for the Antal International business, the hugely successful US based recruiter legend, Jim Weber shared 10 key points on what, in his view, makes Antal fabulous and what sets it and a career as a recruitment professional apart from the competition. Jim is very familiar with franchising and a $Million + annual fee producing recruiter, a leader worldwide in his sector. Here is what he considers to be our FAB attributes (Features, Advantages and Benefits):

1. Business to business – “ white collar “ sale. You get to work with smart people who make decisions…

2. Great earning potential – Top 10% of headhunters earn more than the top 10% of every other sales professional of any industry, with the exception of commercial real estate sales executives in the Top 30 global metro markets and investment bankers.

3. Flexible business structure. You can build a business around a team or sales practice; whatever suits your circumstance and preferred career track & skills.

4. Careful Selection – by finding a better client, you can pick and choose the product you sell and you can quickly react to market change, i.e. you can always get rid of a product that is not selling…whereas if you sell Fords or GE alarm systems, you have to sell Fords or GE alarm systems, even if a competitor comes in with a better product…you are stuck .

5. High impact – on both the individuals career and the lives of his family members while shaping the direction / influencing the success of companies – all ties into solving problems..

6. Sales challenge – your product (the job) becomes the buyer and your buyer (the candidate) becomes the product…..

7. Strategic (Consultative) and Tactical (Transactional) sales process………requires two essential skill sets to make money today and more tomorrow (5 years), you only make one cold call to a person. After that it is a relationship.

8. Dynamic – The search industry allows you to be flexible, to react and to be proactive. If you listen to your customers, you can anticipate market changes and avoid cyclical challenges by changing your focus and approach i.e. when you sense companies cut, you move in with different profiles….and there are always winners and loser companies. Make friends with the winners. Further, Antal’s global network is a profitable hedge that enables you to serve clients globally, not just in your owner region.

9. Relationships – Build better client relationships with Antal but serving your clients global needs, you can also build better, more competitive client relationships that block your competitors.

10. Control – You select your clients and your product. It is your choice. Essentially, you pick who plays in your sandbox…….if you don’t like your customer or your customer does not work the way you want to, you can fire them……..just find another…

Make a change and get to work with cool people at Antal.

Be part of a great organisation.

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