Antal International Launches First Office in Berlin

Steffen was born and raised in Germany and has spent more than 13 years in North America. He became a US Citizen in 2013.

He has advised global organizations such as BMW, Toyota and Pfizer in virtually all aspects from strategy and solution development to managing supply chain processes and services in Europe and North America.


In the past 5 years, Steffen has provided project management and client relationship expertise for BMW in the delivery of supply chain services, organizational effectiveness and performance improvement. He has particular expertise in material planning and inventory management.

In his earlier career, he held a position as a Strategy and Operations manager. In this capacity, he was responsible to establish and advise a German subsidiary in North America.

Steffen holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Emory University in Atlanta and a business degree from Germany.

Steffen was very impressed with the ANTAL training and he liked the fact that he was supported by professionals who had “Real World Experience”. Many thanks to Maria Stevens and Tony Jones!

He is looking forward talking to people about their careers; earn a great living, and making a difference in people’s lives!

Steffen is excited about establishing his franchises business in Berlin Germany and would be more than happy to assist you with clients in Europe and North America.
We are delighted to welcome Steffen Zwirnmann to Antal International and the launch of the first Antal office in Berlin!

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