The Antal Global Snapshot is a regular survey that determines hiring and firing intentions in some of the world’s key employment markets.

Cover of a version of the Antal Global Snapshot

Cover of a version of the Antal Global Snapshot

The data is collected through more than 9.000 questionnaires and we have been publishing this regularly since the Summer of 2008. The survey includes research from around 35 key countries that span five continents.

We hope you find it both interesting and useful.


Survey forms and telephone interviews help us populate the data in the ‘Antal Global Snapshot’. We question Line Managers and HR Managers to fill these surveys. The people replying to this survey work for companies, professional partnerships and financial institutions across 50 countries.

We ask each respondent whether they were currently hiring or letting go professional / managerial staff. through the survey, we also find out if they intended to do so over the coming quarter.  We guarantee anonymity to all respondents to encourage open and honest answers.

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