Antal Global Conference Agenda

Doug Bugie, the President of Antal International network, travelled to Mumbai, India last week for the Antal Global Conference, filled with excitement and anticipation. Before departing, he sent an email to all the prospective franchisees with an attached file detailing the scheduling of the Antal Global Conference. He was keen for these promising prospects to learn of the subjects, actions and future opportunities to be featured at the Antal Global Conference.

Doug Bugie believes that even a brief reading of the attached agenda would demonstrate our commitment to helping Antal Franchise Owners build truly long-lasting and successful businesses and also show the Antal spirit of sharing in a personal and commercial sense. He went on to mention his expectation of there being many shared placement deals that would generate many thousands of shared fees amongst the 25 nations participating.

Many hundreds of aggregated hours from our global support team members went into this with one goal in mind: to improve the business life of the franchise Owners. He added ”this will be our most exciting, productive coming together in our 20 year history: 25 countries, over 200 key owners, Joint Venture and Business Partners!”

The fact is, we care about the present and future successes of those who join us as franchise/business Owners. ‘’Our destiny is intertwined with theirs. Their success is our success.’’

Doug Bugie looks forward to working with the new leads in the future, even as they examine whether or not international recruitment is the right business for them to be in. He firmly believes that Antal is the right vehicle to get them where they want to go personally and financially. He is still as excited and motivated about the executive recruitment industry as he was upon entering it over 30 years ago.

Antal shares Doug Bugie’s enthusiasm and confidence in this mission. Antal franchise Owners and their recruiters have one objective: to help their client’s companies move from good to great and to place talent into companies in which said talent can do the best work of their careers. Done correctly, this is a very profitable and satisfying undertaking.

Doug claimed he would be contactable right after the conference from Antal’s world HQ in London in order to continue our journey together!

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