sAs you have shown interest in Antal International, the Global Recruitment Franchise opportunity, we wanted to give you some insight into the Antal Global Conference (AGC) 2014 that was held on 12th, 13th and 14th November in Mumbai, India.

This annual event organised by both our team in London, UK, and Mumbai, India is a highlight in the Antal world as owners and partners travel across the globe to meet their colleagues and friends, to enhance business partnerships, build new and develop existing ones. This event is usually held in London but this year we have decided to push our international boundaries and hold the first ever conference outside of the UK. We can proudly say that this year surpassed all expectations – it was a truly an incredible experience.

Franchise Owner Joseph Devasia, Mumbai and India were amazing hosts to the Antal Global Conference. This year was full of colour, energy, teamwork, revitalisation and above all – change. The Leela Hotel in Mumbai was the venue of choice and Antal team members from across the globe met to reunite, discuss and share business in a perfect setting with the beautiful meeting areas and rooms, and sleek lounge areas for more informal meetings.

The conference kicked off with an International Owners meeting; Doug Bugie, President of the Antal Network welcomed all the Owners and made positive mention of those unable to join the conference in India. Tony Goodwin, Group CEO & Chairman opened the presentations by encouraging and explaining how to build your own successful business. He emphasised the need to specialise and have a niche focus whilst also recruiting staff. Doug Bugie shared his reflections on 2014 through all the Antal Network milestones of 2014 as shown below.

Antal Network Milestones 2014

antal milestones 2014

Representatives of the Franchise Advisory Council, Joseph Devasia and Andreas Dürr, gave introductions and feedback on different regions. The FAC is an initiative that was proposed and set-up in 2012 to assist franchise owners and Antal International alike to take the business forward in a coordinated effort by representing the franchisee’s at the most senior level. The aim is to improve the business by assisting our franchise owners with issues, challenges, communication, ideas and above all to make money. Ashleigh Fitzgerald, Networks Operations Director, ended the first day by giving some updated numbers on Preferred Supplier Lists, Key Clients and placements done. Wednesday evening was the first opportunity for all attendees to meet with many colleagues and network over a beverage, canapés and then a buffet dinner. The energy in the room was electric, everyone was delighted to have this time to catch up and meet the teams from different countries.

The official Global Conference opened on Thursday morning with a very warm introduction from Joseph Devasia who welcomed everyone to India. First up on the stage was Tony Goodwin who launched the long awaited and highly anticipated new brand logo and website. The impact of the new logo was instantaneous as it was met with a round of thundering applause. The sheer effort put into new logo was plain for all to see.

tony goodwin

Tony emphasised on the Antal Values:


While Owners and consultants alike took advantage of listening to the speakers who were targeted to be relevant and anuseful giving strategic tips and solutions to help Owners increase their competitively in the difficult markets they might face, potential franchise prospects from India had independent meetings. They met with Doug Bugie, the Franchise team and some of the top offices within the international network such as Joseph Devasia, Peter Timmer and Alan Russell in a more private area to discover the franchise opportunity. Everyone was fascinated by the Mumbai Dabbawala’s, who showed how they have built up a fresh food delivery service starting with a few people to more than 5,000 which has lasted over 125 years! And, most impressively this system is not computerised.

0In the afternoon, taking to the stage were a selection of Antal Owners and Consultants, experts in their fields to present a snapshot of facts and figures about their different countries and sectors. This gave Owners as well as our prospects a great insight in other offices, the different markets and difficulties that are faced globally. Thursday evening was another opportunity not missed to network and socialise between participants – a very important aspect of any conference.

And, as quickly as it started, it seemed sad that it was already the final day of the conference – time had gone so fast. The Friday programme was kicked off by Doug Bugie who wanted to show the Antal attendees his 10 Top Points moving forward. Doug encouraged the room to network and leverage the global capacity that Antal has to develop more business.  Doug was followed by Tony Seager who gave advice on how delegates could hire top talent and there were more opportunities to attend the workshops.

Friday afternoon was a team building networking session that was only available for members of the Antal network and that was consisting of a Bollywood dancing lesson that was taken very seriously by all attendees who shared a lot of fun, laughter and sweat! The closing speech of Tony Goodwin, was like no other – everyone in the room gathered around and sat together cross legged on the floor to hear his words of inspiration and encouragement for us to all keep doing what we do best.

The final evening was the most spectacular dinner and awards celebration, delivered with the highest level of precision, professional and decorum by evening hosts Joe Devasia, Mike Ryall, Sagar Ruparelia and Doug Bugie.  It is during this event that we acknowledge those who go the extra mile within Antal.

The much converted Antal Spirit of the Year award was won by Vinu Nair’s office in India and South Africa won the Network office of the year. Jim Foster of our Bracknell office won top Biller of the Year and Constanze Kästner won Support of the Year. You can find a detailed list of all the Awards below.

Here is some of the feedback we have had from our owners that attended the conference:

“I would like to say that I felt everyone did such a fantastic job of hosting this year’s Antal Global Conference. It was great to see so many of the guys from India for the first time and to renew contacts with guys I have met in previous years. The hospitality was really great and the welcome very warm, the conference was a lot of fun.The big test is to see if we will do more business as a result and if we will we make more money (both as individual offices but also on shared business.) Joseph (and all the Antal team) will be seeing some things coming out of my office on this over the next few days. However, people will only do real business together when they Know, Like and Trust each other and this conference has engendered a lot of this. For me this last point is singularly the most important reason for attending these conferences, to get to know and trust people. A big thank you to everyone involved in producing this year’s conference.” – Jim Foster – UK

“You people have made the AGC in Fantabulous Manner! Kudos to your team Joe. Great Support!!! Our Hearty wishes for many more achievements in the years to come!!! We love you for this wonderful conference. Learning’s from Tony, Doug & Joe: High Spirit, Attitude & Business Clarity. Adorable Achievers: All the Award Winners (esp) Italy Team 3 Awards Motivation, Inspiration: Alan Russell, Parkside Office Achievers Meaning of Team: Shinu, Gina, Constanze, Natasha and Ashleigh.” – Latha Janaki Ramanujam – India

Greetings from Antal International, Bangalore, let me start this email by saying thank you!

Thank you, for one of the best events I have seen Antal host for its family in a long time. I have had the privilege of being a part of quite a many conferences in London, but never have I felt this level of excitement and energy. One of the primary reasons might be because I visited this conference with a larger contingent of team members. The AGC 2014 has excited them, inspired them & more importantly, INFLUENCED them to do better & aim for the best. This conference has specifically reiterated the fact that the “Opportunity” will always continue to exist, it is always up for grabs and it is up to the individual on how much he is inspired to cease it. After 21 years, Antal has changed its brand. Today, we say hello to the new and we start focusing on the “what next?” As the quote goes “life is a journey, not a destination”. We begin today on a journey that is a drive to identify what is our next level of excellence & I am sure the foundation has been laid by the content in the conference. Let me also thank a few key people who have made this AGC an incredible episode. To the organizing team of Joe & Family, to Tony, Doug, Shinu, Constanze, Ashleigh, thank you for continuing to support us, we look forward to getting a lot more out of you guys this year. I know we are going to have a great year next year, because of your leadership. To the entire Antal Franchise network, a loud shout-out! Thank you” – Anil P Dev – India

“As most of us operate our business in small offices with a small team in some small corner of small city, I had an incredible global feel with this AGC. This was the first AGC since I joined Antal franchise business last year in Feb and in fact this was the first time I felt part of a global organisation, multi country & multi cultural global community. It made me feel we are all the same ultimately – maybe we speak a different language, wear different clothes, eat different food and follow different customs but we all react and behave in a same way when we feel happy, enthusiasm, anger or any other emotion. The POWER of Antal is to bring all this together for each other’s success & for mutual benefits. This is very rarely seen. I feel more positive & enthusiastic now with ANTAL’s new language of change for the better to grow at new heights of success together! A big THANK YOU to Tony, Doug, Joe, Shinu, Constanze, Ashleigh, Natasha, Shopia, Gina, Sagar and Rakesh who created such an incredible event and experience. A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners at the Gala Award Ceremony, you all really deserve this for your dedication, perseverance and hard work. You all have raised the bar very high and inspired us to do more. Hope this AGC brings more positivity to our businesses. Keep inspiring! Thank you all again!” – Maanendra Singh – India

“Thank you Doug for both the inspiring words and the reminder that there is a huge opportunity in front of us and there is loads of work to do and that too very very quickly. I am confident that I will put in my best efforts to both grow my business and the network in India.” – Vinu Nair – India

Thanks once again to everybody for this outstanding conference, the pleasant and interesting personal and business conversations, meeting old and new friends and most of all: the heart-warming Indian hospitality!! We look forward to sharing our business, experience, information, love and friendship with you! Life will never be the same again 🙂“ – Peter Timmer – Germany

It has been really good to meet you all. Let’s work together, we are stronger!” – Vincenzo Trabacca – Italy

“It was wonderful conference. The first referral after the conference is on the way… and it is going to the China office from my office… what a wonderful way of making money…” – Nagesh Joshi – India

List of Nominees and Winners of the Antal Awards

2014 Newcomer of the Year Wholly Owned

Felice Perrone – Italy

Marina Rodriguez – Mexico

Boujemaa Tajjiou – Germany

Marcos Zaballos Perez – Spain

Maria Verdu – Netherlands

Paola Annigoni – Italy



     Felice Perrone felice

Top Perm  Biller

Eva Pique – Mexico
Nancy Zhu – China
Susan Su – China
Kelly Lau – China
Nadeem Valecha – Parkside


   Nadeem Valechanadeem

Top Temporary  Biller

Sandra Parkyn – Parkside
Stuart John – Parkside
Debbie Webb – Parkside


Stuart Johnstuart

Truly International

Antal Spain
Antal Italy
Antal Germany

Antal Dubai
Antal Turkey


Antal Spainantal spain

Brand Builder

Marioli Carrasquel – Antal Spain
Gina Mascarenhas – Antal India
Annalisa Vigano – Antal Italy
Lee Narraway – Antal Warrington
Sophia, Hiren, Ashleigh, Constanze, Matt Chapman – London HQ


Marioli Carrasquelmaioli

Office of the Year – Owned

Antal Italy


Antal Italy



Networks Office of the Year

Alan Russell – South Africa

Nizar Lallani – UAE

Robert Maguire – Singapore

Lee Narraway – UK

Joseph Devasia – India

Mayank Chandra – India


Alan Russell

alan russel




Antal Spirit Awards

Alan Russell – South Africa

Ahmed Saleh – Egypt

Andy Dürr – Germany

Joseph Devasia – India

Nizar Lallani – UAE

Vinu Nair – India


Vinu Nair  vinu            

Top Franchise biller

Jim Foster – UK

Liz Dillon – UK

David Crossley – UK

Romy Seidel – Germany

Lee Narraway – UK

Ahmed Saleh – Egypt


Jim Fosterjim f

Supporter of the Year

Hiren Fatania – London HQ

Constanze Kästner – London HQ

Ashleigh Fitzgerald – London HQ

Shinu Javed – India

Francesca Silva – Italy


Constanze Kästnerconstanze

Chairman’s Award for Excellence

Vinu Nair – India

Mayank Chandra – India

Vincenzo Trabacca – Italy

Jonathan Edwards – China


Vincenzo Trabacca


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