Following 8 very successful years since establishing his franchise in Egypt, Ahmed Saleh has decided to take a step forward. He is opening a new office in Dubai.

Tony Goodwin and Ahmed visited Dubai to celebrate the establishment of the new office. They received a warm greeting from successful franchise Owner in Dubai, Nizar Lallani and his team who invited them over a celebratory dinner.

Ahmed’s franchise office in Egypt has successfully partnered with several top multinational clients in different industries. These helped them hire top talents in Executive, Director and Managerial roles across the MENA region and beyond. They have been honouring regional agreements across the Middle East and Africa.

His team has engaged in several successful shared businesses with other Antal franchise and company owned offices. This has lead to successful placements in the MENA region as well as other regions in the world. These include India, Turkey, Hungary, UK and South Africa amongst others.

Two of the biggest successful shared businesses in Antal history saw direct involvement of the Team managed by Ahmed. The biggest single placement invoice in the company’s history “EUR 180,000” following a great partnership with Salvatore Fernandez in London was one of them. The other achievement was the introduction of the Antal India Chennai based office to one of Ahmed’s strategic regional pharmaceutical clients. This resulted in 300+ placements in the course of 1 year, thanks to the great job done by Vinu Nair in India!

A new challenge

“This is a massive step forward and everyone in the team is excited about it”, says Ahmed. “Establishing a new office in Dubai means getting even closer to our regional partners as well as prospect clients. We now expect more successful partnerships to come our way”.

“Our presence in Dubai simply means more shared business across the Antal network, better visibility and engagement with decision makers. Most importantly it helps position Antal as the partner of choice for our clients and business partners.

Specialisation has been key for our success, a strategy that Tony clearly highlighted in the last AGC in the UK. In a few years we have established Antal as the expert search consulting partner in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and FMCG sectors. Our strategy is to maintain and boost this position as well as to grow our business in other industries. We are also building on several successes we have achieved in key industries like retail, banking, automotive and technology.

Newly Qualified Recruitment is a key strategy that our new office will consider as a key success factor, our plan is to cement our leading position in executive search. We also want to boost the middle level recruitment aspect of our business across the MENA region”.

The Newly established office in Dubai will serve the entire MENA region with a special focus on the GCC, KSA and Levant region. This will also increase the existing Egypt team focusing on North Africa. In addition they will be working closely with other Antal offices in order for their clients to feel the benefits of true Antalisation.

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