Antal awarded Best Executive Recruitment Company 2015 by Focus magazine in Germany

The renowned News magazine FOCUS has awarded Antal International with the title “Top Personaldienstleister/Best Executive Recruitment Company 2015” in Germany for the first time.

Together with XING, over 1.200 employees in the recruitment sector such as line managers have been surveyed on different criteria such as quality of collaboration, selection of candidates, and price/ performance ratio.

In addition, over 2.000 candidates have also been interviewed (on quality of selection of job offers, communication during the placement process, and general quality of service).

The special edition of FOCUS magazine can be obtained here: >>

Over the past 15 years, Antal in Germany has made more than 1000 placements and has stood the test of time with national and international coverage. It has had impact on companies and candidates which is real and long-standing. Germany is the largest economy in Europe, many say it is the ‘engine’ of Europe and a difficult market to enter and to stand out in as there are easily 1500 executive recruitment businesses in Germany. This ranking puts Antal in the top 3%. The whole Antal International Network takes pride in this singular achievement where we ranked at the top not only with German leaders but world leaders in our industry.

We apply the same award winning methodology adjusted to each country and culture we operate in, in over 30 countries. The mission is very clear: to help and support Antal Franchise Owners build strong, successful and profitable executive recruitment businesses, which as a primary goal are all about “discovering talent” for our hundreds of client companies worldwide.

Antal has filled over 60,000 Jobs in the past 15 years and we look forward to discussing our model and support with you.

Please remember, you don’t have to have prior recruitment experience. Your background, skill and experience combined with our training and support = a very strong offering to the global marketplace.

Let’s talk soon, in confidence.

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