A journey with Antal International

We encourage you daily to take start a business with us and for some this is a leap of faith, you take your life and future into your own hands and make things happen.   We can inspire you but more importantly, we show you that these are not just empty attractive promises.

The best evidence we have is direct quotes from one of our owners who just celebrated his 4 year anniversary with us. It has not been an easy journey, but when is it ever?  Starting your own business is not for the faint hearted.

Hands framing 2017

Our Owner started his recruitment franchise on his own, limiting his focus in order to learn how to recruit and place people. This has unfortunately also limited his results but it enabled him to focus on learning the right approach and the Antal ways and methodology.

After 2 rather slow starting years, he got to a stage where he was able to scale up his business. In his years 3 and 4 he managed a team of 4 recruitment consultants. He is now 100% dedicated and focused on the placements they are all doing together, their activity amount has constantly increased, he manages to attract new clients and the right candidates. His business is doing well and can only get better. He is still learning a great amount as there are always new techniques and skills that can be improved.

Finally, in this New Year, he plans to expand his team, to increase his level of activities, to in his words learn, unlearn and relearn and we truly believe that with this positive attitude, he and his team and office will thrive as they get ready to reach a new Milestone.

He says that so far, his journey with Antal International has been a great experience and learning and he really trusts that the Antal Model is matured, professional and designed with loads of experience, and he believes that it works very well subject to timely implementation.

We can really help you start a new life and career giving you a real possibility to change your lifestyle and become more flexible and free.

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